I enjoy writing poetry and especially visual and blackout poetry. I also am interested in poetry films and make short poetry films from time to time. 🙂 I will collect my favorites of my work here. (Clicking on the visual poems will take you to my deviantart)

Visual poetry: 

Other poems:

Oneway Mirror.

You are so far away
You are hidden behind the veil
It´s a oneway mirror
I can never reach you or touch you
I can´t imagine you in color
You are my dream in black and white
My star a million lightyears away
You don´t shine anymore
But your glow still travels through space
Reaching me and casting your spell


The clown located a nightmare without a dictionary

The Clown poses outside of his own skeleton while I dust off my old nightmares
Clown noses leaks out of monsters like tiny insects. Drops of blood with spider legs.

I have tied up my nightmares with pretty bows and they fly above me held by strings.
I hope Mr. Clown will turn them into balloon animals. I would love a pony!


Graffiti Lady.

She was made of gray
of orange
of green
of blue
Her lines were made in a hurry
Color splashes on a red wall
It must get so lonely
Breathing through bricks
Watching the world pass by
Seeing 3D with 2D-eyes
Wishing she was born on a canvas
Guarded in a museum
Instead she is afraid
Some day the city will wash her away


The Circus

Popcorn , candy and caramel
Is filling the air with their smell
People are waiting in line
They want to disappear to another time
To be mystified by tricks of the light
To be lost for the rest of the night
I am part of the anomymus crowd
Our clapping is so loud
We are only floating eyes in the dark
But we can feel a spark
Lit within our hearts

The circus is both happy and sad
I think the clown is mad
The glitter covers the dirt
The laughter covers the hurt
But I can se it all
It makes me feel so small
I can’t clap anymore

When I leave I am alone
My head is hevy as a stone
I wonder what happens after they close
When the clown has removed his nose
When all the lights have died
I think you can feel the emptiness inside
Because a circus is only a shell
And inside lost souls dwell
I wish i didn’t know
Because now the circus has lost its glow



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