I enjoy writing poetry and especially visual and blackout poetry. I also am interested in poetry films and make short poetry films from time to time. 🙂 I will collect my favorites of my work here. (Clicking on the visual poems will take you to my deviantart)

Poetry short films: 


Visual poetry: 

Other poems:

Oneway Mirror.

You are so far away
You are hidden behind the veil
It´s a oneway mirror
I can never reach you or touch you
I can´t imagine you in color
You are my dream in black and white
My star a million lightyears away
You don´t shine anymore
But your glow still travels through space
Reaching me and casting your spell

Graffiti Lady.

She was made of gray
of orange
of green
of blue
Her lines were made in a hurry
Color splashes on a red wall
It must get so lonely
Breathing through bricks
Watching the world pass by
Seeing 3D with 2D-eyes
Wishing she was born on a canvas
Guarded in a museum
Instead she is afraid
Some day the city will wash her away

About Poetry: 

(Sometimes I talk about poetry on youtube. This is my video about black out poetry, what it is and how to make it)


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