Magic Advisor Comic!

Magic Advisor is a fantasy comedy with LGBT themes. Lizzy is a magic advisor helping people out with supernatural problems. Prim is a glamorous wannabe supervillain in frilly dresses who likes stealing occult objects. This comic follows their adventures. Are they just  frenemies or is something more romantic developing as well…? ❤ 

This comic is built up of different shorter adventures. You can jump in and start with any adventure you want. See an overview of all the different ones below.

Clicking the links here will take you to the Magic Advisor homepage 🙂 You can also read and more easily subscribe to Magic Advisor on Deviantart or Tapas. 

Adventure 1: The Ghost. 

Lizzys first assignment as a Magical Advisor


 The Ghost. 


Adventure 2: Lizzy vs Prim. 

Lizzy meets wannabe super villain Prim. 


The Thief 

 The Magican 

Magical trouble

When the Skeptic Stole Valentines Day. 

A Whole New World… of trouble. 

The Talented miss Lizzy 


Adventure 3: The mysterious Hood person. 

The famous haunted and super scary doll Annabelle is staying at Lizzys house for one night. It leads both Lizzy and Prim into danger… But maybe even to new feelings towards each other? 


 Lizzy vs. Annabelle 

First come, first to steal 

Odd Couple 

The one that matters the most 


Mission Primpossible 

 The maze

The Raccoon team

Strange Bedfellows

New plans. 

 A small problem

Things Go Wrong.

Missing you.



Prims choice

The Hood Persons true identity. 

The almost naked truth. 

Secret fanart. 

Fire and Glitter. 

Final Battle


Adventure 4: The Night of Horror. 

Lizzy gathers her friends for a night of fun and scary stories. But things get off to a bad start when the dessert is stolen…. It´s not Prim this time so who is it?

The Night Begins 

True horror story


Final battle… Maybe..? 


Adventures 5: Secrets! (Ongoing!)

Major relationship drama in this one. Involving humans but also supernatural beings! OMG!


Lizzys ex girlfriend. 


First date


Special episodes / One shots:

Christmas special 2016: Prim vs Santa Claus (Prim wants revenge on Santa!)

Batula: Life as a vampire (Get a look into the life of Batula)

Q & A with the cast (The characters of Magic Advisor answers your questions!)

Christmas special 2017 (Ghosty finds a spell that makes it possible for the living to travel outside their bodies…. He gives it to Prim)

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