Stop Motion Journey and Steampunk-FictionFacts!

So I have two new videos out πŸ™‚ First one about my journey so far with stop motion. Making short films with stop motion technique is something I’ve bee n exploring more recently as you can see on my instagram but I have been interested in stop motion for a long time before that.Β In this video I share what I have made so far and my process of creating stop motion and inspiration:

I also made another episode of my videoseries FictionFacts where I explore the facts surrounding fictional works and genres. This time I talked about the history and many different sides of Steampunk:

I hope you will enjoy! πŸ™‚


Short film: The Doll and the Red Thread

I been working hard lately on my first serious stop motion short film.

The doll Mavis finds a mysterious note asking “Do you want Power? Do you want to know what is really going on? Call 070-666.” It turns out to be a phone call that changes everything….

I hope you will enjoy it!


Life as a witch.

In a way I always have been practicing magic. I did healing spells, but without calling it that, as a little child. I discovered wicca and started to research it as a teenager. But that was just the moment when I started to find names for my beliefs. Magic has always been a part of me. I see magic as the computer code of reality. We all have the power to change it with our intentions and thoughts.

I consider myself an ecclectic witch. I believe there are as many ways to connect to the divine as there are people. I donΒ΄t belive in just one truth. I believe everyone creates their own reality. There is no right or wrong for everyone. Only right or wrong for you personally. Each person can find their own way of connecting with higher forces and it can be through many different faiths, gods and / or magical systems.

Personally, I am very drawn to the Egyptian Gods and have a special connection to Thoth. I believe that humans has souls and that it lives on after our physical bodies die. I think there is so much more to the world then what is accepted by science and I think that a lot of what we now consider supernatural will one day be called just natural. I use visualization a lot. I also work with my pendulum for devination and to find answers I need, I do spells, I work a lot with my dreams and interpreting the symbols. Magic for me is a lot about finding inner balance and understanding myself completely. And finding my place and connection to the universe.

I found out about the upcoming collab channel Pagan Ponder 101 through one of my favorite youtubers. I really would like to join in so I posted an audition yesterday to youtube. πŸ™‚ Check it out if you want to hear more about my beliefs, practice and my views on magic πŸ™‚