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Stop Motion Journey and Steampunk-FictionFacts!

So I have two new videos out 🙂 First one about my journey so far with stop motion. Making short films with stop motion technique is something I’ve bee n exploring more recently as you can see on my instagram but I have been interested in stop motion for a long time before that. In this video I share what I have made so far and my process of creating stop motion and inspiration:

I also made another episode of my videoseries FictionFacts where I explore the facts surrounding fictional works and genres. This time I talked about the history and many different sides of Steampunk:

I hope you will enjoy! 🙂


Some plans for my youtube channel! + UFO footage?!

I have a new schedule for video themes on my youtube. I been feeling like my channel has become to much of a mixed bag. ^^ I still want it to cover my many different interests but I think it will be better if I keep to a constantly repeating cycle of my different themes. So there will be a better flow and balance and even if you are just into one of my video topics (like art/ writing for example) you will get that on a regular basis. 🙂 I explain it more in detail in the video below where I also share some footage of some strange discs in the sky I caught on film a few days ago. They are a true mystery…. I will believe it is aliens until it is proven to be a cover up a natural explanation. 😉


Life as a witch.

In a way I always have been practicing magic. I did healing spells, but without calling it that, as a little child. I discovered wicca and started to research it as a teenager. But that was just the moment when I started to find names for my beliefs. Magic has always been a part of me. I see magic as the computer code of reality. We all have the power to change it with our intentions and thoughts.

I consider myself an ecclectic witch. I believe there are as many ways to connect to the divine as there are people. I donÂŽt belive in just one truth. I believe everyone creates their own reality. There is no right or wrong for everyone. Only right or wrong for you personally. Each person can find their own way of connecting with higher forces and it can be through many different faiths, gods and / or magical systems.

Personally, I am very drawn to the Egyptian Gods and have a special connection to Thoth. I believe that humans has souls and that it lives on after our physical bodies die. I think there is so much more to the world then what is accepted by science and I think that a lot of what we now consider supernatural will one day be called just natural. I use visualization a lot. I also work with my pendulum for devination and to find answers I need, I do spells, I work a lot with my dreams and interpreting the symbols. Magic for me is a lot about finding inner balance and understanding myself completely. And finding my place and connection to the universe.

I found out about the upcoming collab channel Pagan Ponder 101 through one of my favorite youtubers. I really would like to join in so I posted an audition yesterday to youtube. 🙂 Check it out if you want to hear more about my beliefs, practice and my views on magic 🙂

New Fictionfacts video is out! + photos from Uppsala Comix.

I posted a new FictionFacts video about The Epic of Gilgamesh, an epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia that is often seen as the earliest surviving great work of literature.
The video is an english version of this post I wrote in Swedish some time back 🙂


Also, last weekend I was selling my comic at the event Uppsala Comix. It was great fun and after the event I got to meet my internet friend Ellen for the second time ever. She has been a wonderful supporter of my comic and after the comic event we went out for coffee and she gave me some awesome Magic Advisor fanart 🙂

Prim is being over dramatic as usual and upset not enough people are paying attention to her. ^^;

Ellens links:


🙂 ❀

The Cotton Candy Manifesto part 1

I am creating a series of imagines and poems that will all be part of a bigger story that I am calling “The Cotton Candy Manifesto”. I will show and document the journey of this project here and I will reveal more of the themes and story soon 🙂

Here is the first one:

You can see it in more detail (and with fitting music) in this video:


Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Interview with paranormal investigator John Fraser.

Today I have an interview with paranormal investigator and author John Fraser. He is a council member and spontaneous case coordinator for the Society for Psychical Research. His book ”Ghost Hunting: A Survivor®s Guide” is a practical guide on how to have a successful ghost hunt. It also gives an overview on the practice of ghosthunting and the science surrounding the paranormal. 

ItÂŽs so great to get the chance to talk to you. I really loved your book and I recommend it to everyone. Would you describe your inspiration and why you decided to write it?

Hi to you Magic, great to talk to you as well,  I came across your blog in Swedish recently about my book – and when I put it in auto translation part of it when  literally translated complemented my book on its ‘smelly humour’ which gave me a laugh and made me get in contact with you . If only to find out what ‘Smelly Humour’ in Swedish actually means?

(That®s so hilarious. I actually wrote ”lighthearted humor” in swedish. I have no idea why it would translate to smelly. Hahaha!)

As for what inspired the book – at the time of writing there were so many around about haunted places but few if any published in the UK about Ghost Hunting itself . The USA ones that existed seemed to mainly be about equipment . One even recommended taking a Geiger Counter for Radio activity  which seemed to be missing the point . So i decided to brush the cobwebs off my old notes and write something more realistic – the premise being that Ghost Hunters are like old fashioned Alchemists not fully scientific yet – but then again Isaac Newton was an alchemist before discovering gravity – so don’t totally write us off!

The second premise in the book is that Ghost Hunting is something fascinating and far more mind opening than simply sitting looking at measuring equipment when we don’t really know what a ghost is .

Hopefully the book succeeded in its aim ?

It sure does! Do you have any plans on writing more books about the paranormal in the future?

I have started writing another book concentrating on ‘Poltergeists’ those strange noisy entities that seem to have the power to move objects move or communicate by tapping and generally make a nuisance of themselves . Interesting twists here include the fact that what Eastern Europeans refer to as Vampires actually have a lot of Poltergeist type behaviour – something I discovered on my numerous visits to Transylvania Romania – but that’s another story !! The point being of course if the phenomena happens around the world , it is far more likely to be real .

The main premise of this book is that whilst its impossible to really prove or disprove the  apparition type  ghost which might just be hallucination – if something is thrown or moved, and trickery excluded, the long neglected poltergeist is far more easy to be shown to exist.

Now I say long neglected Poltergeist as at least in the UK I can see  no major book published since the mid 1980s when Colin Wilson Published “Poltergeist – a study in destructive haunting s ” which I would very much recommend – (at least until any further book of mine is published).

Tell me what your first ghosthunter experience was like?

That I guess was the rather personal trip I took to a ruined cottage at  Sandwood Bay in the North of Scotland , chosen for the fact that it was four miles from the nearest road and surrounded by marsh land – which whilst not very scientific gave me  the very personal experience of being trapped in a haunted house for the night – literally . Whilst not much paranormal happened I researched the place and sent some theories to the writer Peter Underwood who invited me to join the Ghosts Club – a great old establishment founded in 1864 . From there I subsequently joined the Society of Psychical Research(SPR) – a ‘much newer’ body founded in 1882 and have been lucky enough to sit on its ruling council for about the last 10 years. So while Sandwood Bay was just really a personal dare – it did also get me involved.

What advice would you give to someone who is curious about going on ghosthunts but doesnÂŽt know where to start?

For Swedish natives I am a bit short on advice about local Ghost hunting groups . there are however a couple of university parapsychology courses one run by Professor Adrian Parker who I know fairly well as a fellow council member of the SPR . Here is the link below .

The Ghost Club my first main organisation sends out excellent publications to its members abroad at discounted membership  and has monthly meetings in London should anyone be passing through. I believe the rate is £25 which the way things are going would barely by a round of drinks in an average  Swedish bar .

What is your favourite piece of ghost hunting equipment?

That thing between our ears commonly know as the brain . Any other equipment is speculative. That is not to say don’t use it but  the first thing to remember is we can’t really be sure if ghosts in a paranormal sense actually exist – and if they do what they actually are. So in all cases of investigation we need to keep on our critical thinking head .

I share the view that ghosts (if we believe they are the spirits of the dead) should be no more dangerous in general than random people we meet on the street. But with that said, have you ever had an experience with the paranormal that has really frightened you? Something that has actually felt dangerous or evil?

Magic – I sadly have no special magical psychic powers and have described myself as being about as psychic as a brick. So any evil presence would probably go unnoticed by me. I have heard the odd strange footsteps sound and seen doors opening for no apparent reason but nothing that has made my hair stand on end . Saying that I do know many who have – I have recently been doing an in depth study into the case of a mother who lived in an converted prison in St Osyth Essex UK , who got so unnerved by the phenomena she actually had to move out . There are enough cases like this to take the paranormal very seriously indeed.

Do you you think it would be a good or bad thing if we ever actually got hard scientific proof that there really is an afterlife?

Who wants to live forever?  I’d give it a try – so the answer is a definite yes! But I get the feeling that there’s only one way to find out for sure – so I guess I wont be finding out for a few years.

Final question just for fun: Ghost Hunting is very common in popular culture. Is there any movie / book / tv-show that you think actually gives a kind of good depiction of what a real paranormal investigation is like?

Paranormal investigation is a bit like fishing lots of waiting and then something exciting suddenly happens – many people like fishing but there has never been a film about it – the excitement anglers get is just not visual. Likewise no film has truly mirrored a real paranormal investigation . As for TV shows -in the UK Shows like ‘Most Haunted’ have made many behave like the show – rather than the other way round .

Half the fun of investigating is the research – i love tracking down witnesses that corroborate what others have said . That fascination is never going to be conveyed by any media.

Big thank you for joining me on my blog and sharing your ghostly experiences!

I hope your readers will get something from it – and if the odd bit of ‘smelly’ humour has been added so be it?



Buy his book HERE and check out SPR (Society for Psychical Research) HERE.

Video I made about the book:

New year plans and art :)

So I slept through most of the holidays because of a cold. ^^; Yeah… But I had time to make my Christmas Special of Magic Advisor at least before I went into “hibernation” ^^ Click HERE if you want to read 🙂

I made a new video talking about my plans for 2018 and my inspiration for the Christmas Special 🙂

Also, here is Lizzy wishing you a happy 2018! 🙂

Magic Advisor illustrations.

Here are some random Magic Advisor illustrations I made:

I was in the mood to make a stand alone Lizzy illustration. 🙂 So hereÂŽs our heroine is falling asleep over her magical research late at night. I imagine Ghosty finds her like this quite often since she gets so caught up in reading she reads until she falls a sleep… ^^; Prim will probably break in and wake her up soon tho. 😉 Ghosty is to kind to wake Lizzy up but he will get her a blanket if its chilly. 🙂

I also made this picture of Prim being the drama queen that she is ^^

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

New Magic Advisor and video series!

I uploaded a new episode of Magic Advisor. It involves Prim sleeping on Lizzys shoulder…  Ok, that is not the main plot in it but I sure liked drawing that ^___^

Read it HERE

Sneak peak:

I am also starting a new video series on youtube that I am very excited about. 🙂 It is for everyone who creates stories in one way or another. I hope it can create a community where we all can connect with each other and share our creative process.

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A new first post!

This used to be my Swedish book blog and itÂŽs been…. slowly dying… for a while. Yeah, letÂŽs just face the hard facts! ^^;

I have been putting all my focus on my youtube, my webcomic Magic Advisor and my newly published swedish novel Transformationen. So I thought it was time for a change blogvise. Now this will be a counterpart to my youtube channel.

”Well Magic, that all sounds good but what exactly will this blog be about then? Also RIP Swedish book blog.”

Thank you for asking imaginary-person-I-just-made-up. My youtube is about creativity. About art, comic creation and being an author. Since I write fantasy and stories with a magical twist I also talk about the supernatural / folklore. And since I am a big geek and very intrested in fiction it is also about popculture and film / literature history. So yeah… thatÂŽs the kind of videos I make and thatÂŽs what you will find here as well.

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