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About me: My name is Magic Frigren. (Yes for real! I changed my name to Magic when I was 18 after having had it as a nickname for many years) I love everything fairy tale – everything whimsical and surreal. I am inspired by legends, folklore, strange and mysterious things…

I am an author, comic creator and book publisher. I make the comic Magic Advisor which is a fantasy / comedy series with some lesbian romance. It is free online on my comic website HERE. If you are on deviantart or tapas you can subscribe to it there. It is also out as an album in Sweden and is published in the newspaper Zenith News.

I have also published a fantasy novel called Transformationen that you can buy HERE (Unfortunately it is only out in Swedish right now. Hopefully that will change in the future… ) Transformationen is based on ten years research on alchemy and is about relationships, soul searching and spirituality.


About this page: On this page you can find the things I create:

My poetry

My Art

Links to all the chapters of my comic.  

My short films

I will also link to all my new youtube videos. Latest updates about me can be find on the blog page HERE.

About my youtube channel: On my youtube channel I talk about my different interests and passions. Like creativity, art, comic creation and writing. Since I like to use the magical in my stories I will also talk about the supernatural, magic and folklore. I am also a big geek and I like getting lost in other peoples stories almost as much as creating my own. Therefore I´ll talk about fiction, filmhistory and literature. I have very mixed interests and I like trying new genres. But literary fiction, science fiction, steampunk, fantasy, magical realism and bizarro books is definitely what I read the most. I also like exploring classics and there is something special about 19 century litterature. ^^ I love poetic language and books focusing on pshychology, philosophy and relationships. I have a big interest in poetry and enjoy both writing and reading it. I also like reading nonfiction books. My struggle in life is that I want to know everything about everything and there will never be enough time… ^^;
When it comes to movies and tv-shows I watch all genres as well. Horror, action,drama, romance… I have a love for Golden Age of Hollywood and silent films. Also cheesy B-horror movies are amazing! 😀 I also enjoy cartoons, comics, manga and anime.
I love crafting like making jewelry, sewing etc. I collect dolls and monster figurines. I am especially interested in Universal Monsters merchandise, Monster High, Blythe and bjd dolls. I also collect oddities, old letters / postcards and photos. I like things with a history that speaks to my imagination. All of these interests are reflected on my channel 🙂

I make four different types of videos. I try to keep them in a constant loop.
1. Videos about writing, art and creativity in general. This can be me sharing my creations, short films, poems or instruction / educational videos.
2. My video series FictionFacts where I explore the facts surrounding different fictional works, genres or literary themes.
3. Videos about the supernatural, mystical and magical. Here you will find everything from scary ghost stories to folklore and symbols.
4. Personal videos. This can be vlogs, random chatts or spirituality/psychological/philosphy focused videos. Also hauls of my collection of toys and oddities from the past.

Here are some Q&A videos I made on youtube:

I hope you will enjoy your stay here!



If you speak swedish you should also check out my swedish paranormal blog HERE. 

Contact me on: 

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