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About me: My name is Magic Frigren. (Yes for real! I changed my name to Magic when I was 18 after having had it as a nickname for many years) I´m an author, artist, comic creator and book publisher.

About this page: On this page you can find the things I create:

Buy my books.

My art.

Links to all the chapters of my comic.

My short films.

My dolls.

My poetry.

I will also link to all my new youtube videos. Latest updates about me can be find on the blog page HERE. 

About what I write: My stories are often inspired by folklore and esotericism. These are topics I´ve studied and written about on the Swedish blog MissMagicGirl since 2008. I´m interested in religion, philosophy and the occult. Peoples beliefs and attraction to the mystical fascinate me. Symbols, myths and fairytales say so much about the thoughts and experiences of humans through history and that is always where my main inspiration come from: psychology and the relationships between people.

My debut novel ”Transformationen” (That is the Swedish title. It will come out in English soon) is based on ten years of research about alchemy. Alchemy originated in ancient Egypt and has run through history like a hidden red thread. Not just as a technique for creating gold but also as a spiritual teaching. A technique for exploring the human psyche that laid the foundation for modern psychology. ”Transformationen”is a book about finding oneself and about the spiritual alchemical journey. It´s also about love, friendships and a mystery story.

I also write and illustrate the comic Magic Advisor / Magikonsultwhich is available as an album (in swedish), as a webcomic and in the American newspaper Zenith News. Magic Advisor mixes slapstick comedy with fantasy adventures. Lizzy Winter is a magic advisor who helps people with problems related to the supernatural. Prim is a glamorous wannabe supervillain who likes to steal occult objects.The series follows the adventures of these two frenemies but also their growing feelings for each other despite their opposite personalities. It´s a very lighthearted story and has readers of all ages, which makes me very happy.

About my art:I make mixed media / collage art. Materials I use the most include: acrylics, paper clippings, doll eyes, toilet paper and a lot of glue. I also create a lot of art digitally that I print out, paint on top of and use in my art. I see my art as an exploration of this inner dream world I have. Right now I´m spending a lot of time in this weird amusment park filled with clowns and dolls. I´m inspired by fairytales, the absurd, vintage aesthetic and magic. I try to balance the cute stuff with elements that feel unsettling and creepy. I want to capture that moment when a nice dream starts to turn into a nightmare…

Stop motion animations and dollmaking: I make stop motion shortfilms and I also include stop motion in my more informative youtube videos. I also enjoy making dolls / doll customization.

Poetry: Me and a friend have been hosting poetry meetups for many years and through that I´ve explored many different types of poetry. I especially enjoy black out poetry, visual poetry, experimental poetry and poetry film / video.

About my YouTube channels: I talk about my life and my interests on my channel missmagicgirltv. I share my always growing collection of oddities and curiosities, I talk about my art and writing and share my thoughts on spirituality. I talk about my interests in the occult, philosophy, literature, film and everything mystical, strange and unusual. On my second channel The Secret Doll Society I make ASMR videos and shortfilms.

More about me: I love exploring other peoples art and stories. I read everything from literary fiction to science fiction, horror and magical realism. I also like exploring classics from different genres and anything with a focus on the psychological or philosophical. I am a big reader of nonfiction as well. I also love comics, manga and cartoons. I´m a bit obsessed with old Hollywood and silent movies. I´m very inspired by early film making and some of my biggest artistic inspirations are ””The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari”” from 1920 and the works of Georges Melies. Another source of inspiration is Dadaism and Surrealism as art movements. The concept of anti art speaks to me and the way the surrealists used artistic expressions as a way to explore the human psyche.

Currently I am studying hypnotherapy which I love.

So that was a little about me.

I hope you will enjoy your stay here!



If you know swedish you should also check out my swedish paranormal blog HERE. 

Contact me on: 

You can follow me on instagram @ missmagicgirl
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