A new first post!

This used to be my Swedish book blog and it´s been…. slowly dying… for a while. Yeah, let´s just face the hard facts! ^^;

I have been putting all my focus on my youtube, my webcomic Magic Advisor and my newly published swedish novel Transformationen. So I thought it was time for a change blogvise. Now this will be a counterpart to my youtube channel.

”Well Magic, that all sounds good but what exactly will this blog be about then? Also RIP Swedish book blog.”

Thank you for asking imaginary-person-I-just-made-up. My youtube is about creativity. About art, comic creation and being an author. Since I write fantasy and stories with a magical twist I also talk about the supernatural / folklore. And since I am a big geek and very intrested in fiction it is also about popculture and film / literature history. So yeah… that´s the kind of videos I make and that´s what you will find here as well.

For my swedish followers who are like:

…there will still be posts about books and fiction 🙂 I am just extending it to more subjects.

So welcome! All the older book / movie reviews are  sorted under ”Swedish posts”. From now on all the new posts will be in English for my Magic Adviser readers.

I hope you will like it here! 🙂


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